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Maryland Association of Science Teachers


MAST is seeking the sponsorship to support its mini grant program. If you or your company are interested in sponsoring this valuable support to our teachers of science in Maryland please email the current president.

Thank you for your support of science teaching in Maryland,

Dr. Mary Stapleton 
Maryland Association of Science Teachers

Maryland Association of Science Teachers
Advertising & Sponsors Contract

The Maryland Association of Science Teachers (MAST), a local affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association, is a professional, non-profit organization dedicated to science education in the state of Maryland. It strives to make science accessible and enjoyable to the citizens of Maryland by promoting and supporting career education in science and technology, instruction for general science literacy, and science outreach programs in all geographic regions of Maryland.   MAST maintains connections with science teachers through its website, <>, and the electronic newsletter, The E-Rapper, which is distributed to members 3-4 times a year.  MAST reaches science teachers at all levels, K-12, across the state as well as science supervisors and other educators.

MAST will accept advertisements for inclusion in periodic issues of its electronic publication, The E-Rapper.  MAST will also provide listings of name & address of sponsoring companies on the MAST website, <>.  Advertisers & sponsors must agree to the following terms, sign, and send this contract to the MAST Treasurer at the address given below.

1.  Advertiser/Sponsor agrees to protect and hold harmless the Maryland Association of Science Teachers (MAST) from any suits for the violation of right to privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement, and any and all claims in connection with the advertisements referred to in this contract, and assumes liability for all the content of advertisements published and for any claim arising from these made against MAST.

2.  Only authorized personnel for the Advertiser/Sponsor may execute this contract.

3.  E-Rapper sponsorships are per school year, September 1 to August 31.

4.  Executed contracts should be received by the Treasurer by the copy due dates given above with payments included.  Sponsorships may be submitted at any time to the Treasurer, with cost prorated by the proportion of the school year remaining to August 31.

5.  MAST reserves the right at any time to decline any advertisements it deems to be inappropriate or contrary to the mission of MAST.

Company name ______________________________________________________

Complete address ____________________________________________________

I agree to all terms:  
Name & title _________________________________________________________

Email _____________________________________________________________________

Signature_______________________________________  Date ________________

E-Rapper Advertising Rates - Please circle your selection
 Size  1 issue
 2 issues
1 year (w or more issues
 1/4 page
 $75  $65 each = $130
 $50 each = $150
 1/2 page
 $100 $90 each = $180
$75 each = $225
 1 page (8.5 x 11)
 $200 $180 each = $360
 $150 each = $450
       Advertising cost subtotal   _______________  
 Corporate sponsor listing at <>          
Sponsor name & address listing (only) on sponsor page
Sponsor name, address and logo on sponsor page
 Sponsor name, address, logo and live internet link on sponsor page     $500
      Sponsor subtotal
Please make check payable to MAST  
    Total amount enclosed

Send contract & payment to:
MAST Treasurer 
P.O. Box 1743
Bowie, MD  20717

Email advertisements to:
Kate Cobb <>
Ads should be in JPG or MS Word format.


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