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Maryland Association of Science Teachers

MAST Mission Statement

The Maryland Association of Science Teachers (MAST), a local affiliate of the National Science Teachers Association, is a professional, non-profit organization dedicated to science education in the state of Maryland. It strives to make science accessible and enjoyable to the citizens of Maryland by promoting and supporting career education in science and technology, instruction for general science literacy, and science outreach programs in all geographic regions of Maryland.


The Maryland Association of Science Teachers, dedicated to scientific literacy, cares deeply about its mission and members engaged in science education. Its members believe that science is a human endeavor employing careful observation and reasoning necessary for professional and personal problem solving and decision making in our increasingly more technological society. To support this MAST promotes science research, applied science, and science education as professional careers. It also understands that science literacy opens doors for all Marylanders to pursue alternative technology careers, and to understand and enjoy the world they live in. To these ends, MAST has the following goals:

  • provide science educators at all academic levels in the state of Maryland with the opportunities for professional development through the presentation and exchange of knowledge, strategies, and resources;
  • acknowledge the accomplishments of exemplary science teachers, students, and administrators;
  • encourage and utilize partnerships with business, professional organizations, and science resource centers;
  • broaden the base of support in MAST through increased membership throughout the five designated regions;
  • provide financial support for outstanding science-related educational programs.
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